How Can FLO and OIP Help Your Business, University or Organization?

There are several reasons that blockchain technology is revolutionizing data and information. These include enhanced security, data transparency, immutability of records, reduced costs, and the elimination of third party middlemen. As one of the original fairly-launched blockchains based on the Bitcoin consensus mechanism, FLO lets you maintain absolute ownership of your digital data. And with the addition of the Open Index Protocol on the FLO network, your data on the blockchain can be easily indexed, searched, and even monetized for direct and seamless digital payments.

If you are looking into the benefits of utilizing a decentralized blockchain, FLO developers are happy to discuss potential solutions for your Business, University or Organization. Currently testing and utilizing the FLO blockchain for data applications and solutions are:

The County of Teton, Wyoming – For land title registry data in collaboration with Medici Land Governance, a subsidiary of Medici Land Governance is also utilizing the FLO blockchain and Open Index Protocol in collaboration with the World Bank, as well as several countries in Africa.

Caltech – The California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California, often ranked as one of the world’s top-ten universities, is utilizing the FLO blockchain for its Tomography Database. This has grown to a public repository of 11293 cryo-electron tomography datasets (tilt-series and reconstructions) of cells, which have been acquired by the Jensen Lab at Caltech over the past 15 years. Currently, 85 species of bacteria and archaea are represented, and this number will keep climbing.

tZero – A subsidiary of, tZero is a newly launched securities exchange that will revolutionize capital markets by using blockchain technology to address some of the inherent inefficiencies of traditional Wall Street market structures. tZero is currently utilizing the FLO blockchain to record Digital Locate Receipts and track the existence of issued stock on the NYSE and Nasdaq.

Alexandria – Currently preparing for its Beta release, Alexandria is platform for allowing content creators to upload their music, videos, and other media to the internet without needing the services of third-party hosts such as Youtube, Spotify, or Netflix. By utilizing FLO and the Open Index Protocol, Alexandria will allow you to set your own pricing for your content, receive payments instantly in a digital currency of your choice, and receive the lion’s share of the profits. And because of the immutability of the blockchain network, you will never have to worry about being censored or deplatformed.

And there are many more applications in development on the FLO blockchain. If you would like to discuss potential solutions for your data, please contact a FLO dev:

For general questions about FLOdata [email protected]

For inquiries about land title registry with Medici Land Governance [email protected]

For inquiries about storing scientific data on the FLO blockchain [email protected]

For inquiries about digital media on the FLO blockchain [email protected]