The FLO foundation supports open-source software and initiatives that sustain FLO as a backbone for applications needing a worldwide public record.

Listed below are initiatives that are significant to the FLO community. BTC, FLO, and RVN addresses are listed for each section. If you think a project is important and want to see its goals reached, please donate to one of the addresses associated with that initiative, and the funds will be put towards those end goals.


  1. Mobile Wallet
  2. Trezor Support
  3. Buy Joey a Big Mac

If you have an idea for an initiative that is not already listed here, please join or send a DM to with your suggestion, it will be reviewed and added to this list with a set of donation addresses.

Why donate?

FLO did not have an ICO or initial developer allocation, it is a fairly launched proof-of-work cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin, with no treasury or funds set aside for founders. This gives FLO the properties of a truly neutral blockchain, but it also means those developing open-source tools on FLO depend on donations from the community to continue working on the project.


Below is a list of initiatives that have been 100% funded and are either complete or under development.

  1. FLO Blockchain Twitter Bot