[Funded] FLO Blockchain Twitter Bot

Status: Funded
Launch date: 02/15/2019
OIP txid: coming soon

Goal: $500 USD
Progress: 100%

1/17/2019 update: This initiative is now 100% funded and development has begun.

Twitter bot scanning the FLO blockchain for interesting floData and notable blocks, such as halving blocks, difficulty adjustments reflecting hashrate changes, OIP records and artifacts with media, and much more!

Let’s show crypto twitter how much is going on within the FLO blockchain.

FLO: FDo4eav7bjtnD5f1uik3kw2Rz8FrgR744Y
BTC: 3Nve8NCeAtG8BeZGSYh5F3zRJhuK6Ypfk4