Buy Joey a Big Mac

Status: Funding
Launch date: N/A
OIP txid: N/A

Goal: 10,000 Big Macs
Progress: 1.6%

Joseph Fiscella (@metacoin) has been the lead Dev for FLO and first responder to all technical issues since 2013. He has poured his own blood, sweat and tears into this blockchain project, as well as his own personal finances. Lets thank Joey by buying him some Big Macs, or whatever else his heart desires while he keeps FLO going for the world to use freely.

FLO: FSiCVsPY2sokyuK5NhiH3Ryi1j9ZUigzrn
RVN: RKNeHinKqvhbhfe5mXukCSjDJEA3tiYWA4