Mobile Wallet

Status: Funding
Launch date: 03/01/2019
OIP txid: coming soon

Goal: $10,000 USD
Progress: 4.9%

Creating new wallets is a priority for the FLO team because it will allow users to manage their FLO coins without having to download the Qt client and validate the entire blockchain. It will also enable developers to test apps quickly and easily by sending FLO transactions between multiple devices.

We believe the lack of FLO light clients and mobile wallets for various platforms to be a major barrier to adoption. Help us research and implement the best mobile wallet for storing FLO.

FLO: FDujWV4anD617Kdjhxw6MXwY4sbmgBgZ5N
BTC: 36ZmiRwk5KdVKLFb27AJnJnQxqjW6r8ghB